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A new and upcoming author has published one novel last year and prepublished the manuscript of her second novel. If you are into adventure, suspense, romance and sci fi, this is an author to check out here.

Wanderlust: Jonas Uhrig is a wanderer. Something inside him will not let him be at peace. Along with his dog and best pal Burke, he travels the globe hunting down stories and searching for an answer to why he must stay on the move. When Jonas stumbles upon a series of brutal crimes spanning the entire North American continent, he notices a disturbing connection with his own travels. Now he must find the answer to why he is driven to wander. As he searches for clues and hunts down the killer, Kate Barnett is searching for the same answers. They join forces to track the killer and soon notice that they are being tracked by a mysterious figure, Reamun, who could turn out to be their worst enemy or their greatest ally.


Crossing the Rubicon: Earth, 2420 CE In a world where civilization lies in ruin, one man must risk everything he holds dear to save what is left of this dying world. Lukas Uhrig is more than he appears to be. Saved from a deadly birth defect by a powerful ancient being, he must now fulfill a prophecy and uncover a past filled with unfathomable dangers. He is immortal. He has lived for more than four hundred years, but he must delve into the memories of the ancient that flow back beyond the beginning of time. He is a man in love. Lukas would do anything for Reyn, but is his lover all he appears to be? Or does Reyn have secrets that are just as deadly as Lukas's own?


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