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I haven't felt very inspired by a book as of late.

If you have a good novel that you fell in love with and is a book that you could read over again, please recommend it to me.

I appreciate all of your suggestions.
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I just read In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner. I loved it. I think its something that I would pick up to read again. Also by Jennifer Weiner is Good In Bed. She's become one of my favorite authors.
I have a number of books that I love to re-read time and again. Here are some: Isabel Allende - The House of the Spirits, Alice Sebold - The Lovely Bones, Arthur Golden - Memoirs of a Geisha, Margaret Atwood - The Handmaid's Tale, Mary Renault - The Persian Boy. Also the Elenium trilogy by David and Leigh Eddings.

Hope you'll find something you enjoy in that list!
Read "Flush" by Virginia Woolf. It's a biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's spaniel, it's lovely, and, it made me feel lovely. So, there. Get it now.