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<3 <3 <3 does anyone know how to make the REAL hearts, that aren't sideways < and 3?

Hi...I'm Chelsea, I'm new, whats up..."Memoirs of a Geisha" is quite possibly my favorite book ever...I also very much enjoy C.S. Lewis, and Keith Green's biography is incredible, "No Compromise."

I'm taking a Gen X Lit class right now, in there we've read "Generation X" by Douglas Copeland, which was okay, "Less Than Zero," by Bret Easton Ellis(I loved this one and I CAN'T FIND IT!!!), umm what else... "Fight Club" which I didn't actually read, nor have I seen the movie, and "Slacker" the screen play which I skimmed. I'm taking American Lit before 1900 next semester. :) Thoreau <3 <3 and Whitman.

I think I have a serious problem with bookstores and such...I have NO'm not your typical college student with no money either, I'm the one with two credit cards maxed out on coffee and books and clothes and all of that. I'm not proud. But yeah. I just got the LIFE (magazine) photographers book which I have yet to read (or just look at), oh "Found" by Davy Rothbart is another great one, and I got "We're All The Same" which is about a boy born in Africa with AIDS...the cover says something like the story of a boy's courage and a mother's love or heart or something.

Has anyone read "The Quality of Life Report?"

I also have Ernest Hemingway's first novel, which I have yet to read as well.

Blah I have to make a wrist band to cover my tattoo for work and I'm not a happy camper. It has to be black and probably an inch and a half wide...its going to look so I need to think of something cool and creative and comfortable...and something that I can get wet. I thought about getting a watch and just not puttting that hand in the sink. Hmm. (I work @ Starbucks, diversity my ass.)

P.S. new friends always welcome :)
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