Plenty O'Toole (plasticfucktard) wrote in well_read,
Plenty O'Toole

Since this is a community for those who love books, I'm assuming we all have authors we love particularly as well.

Authors that we would visciously defend and perhaps wish to pit against authors we don't like as much...

Enter lit_cagematch.

Nominate your favorite author in the appropriate category (first one is Classic Children's Fantasy) and then vote your favorite author to victory!

Hopefully this is allowed, if not please let me know and I'll gladly delete it.

And to keep this a bit more on-topic, has anyone here read The Book of Flying by Keith Miller? I read it about a month ago, and thought the story quite lovely, but at the same time, it unsettled me. I can't say I enjoyed it, although the prose was beautiful, and I was wondering if anyone else has read it and felt the same.
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