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I love books. I love to read. It helps me to forget my problems, if only for a few hours. I love it when a book makes me cry. I love it when a book makes me laugh. I love it when a book makes me think. The biggest challenge is finding one that can do all of the above.

Have you read a good book lately? One that made you cry or laugh?

Have you ever read a book that changed your life?

Is there a book that you would call your absolute favorite? You've read it so many times, you can quote a passage word for word and can even tell someone the page number of that passage?

Have you ever stayed up for hours because you couldn't put a book down?

If so, tell us about it.

If you have a favorite author, please recommend a few of your favorite books by that author.

All books are welcome. Don't be afraid to share, even if your book isn't destined to be a classic. Please specify whether the book is fiction, non-fiction, biographical, etc. If possible, please link a site where a description of the book can be found as well as purchased. If not, please give a brief synopsis of what the book is about.

Discussion is welcome. Cut tags are encouraged.